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Hello bakers! Stork is here because we love baking desserts, pies, cakes, pastries, cupcakes, tarts, scones, rusks and muffins. We love baking of all kinds, from the quick to the complex, for the beginner to the expert and want to share our love of baking with South Africans who love to bake as much as we do.

Stork was founded in 1950 and has provided good value and excellent quality to bakers all over South Africa ever since. Stork Bake is a specialised margarine designed to make baking light and fluffy, no matter what the recipe. Whether it’s a pancake, chocolate cake, milk tart, red velvet muffin, cupcake or cheesecake recipe, Stork Bake margarine is a key ingredient that helps improve texture, enhances that golden colour and improves the flavour.