The Shepherd and the Beast by Tramayne Monaghan


We are all on the journey.

The hero’s journey is for everyone, and we are the hero in our own story. Being on the journey is the most human thing we can do – humanity will cease to grow or evolve if we follow the status quo. 

We live in a world of social media, hyper-connectedness, and convenience, but we are becoming less human the further down the path we go. Stepping into our own journey and finding the guidance and lessons to grow as a person is our destiny.

Along the path, we find our mentors and face our trials. We are distracted, and we fail – we are human, after all. In the chaos, we eventually find the balance required to grow. This is a book about facing demons and meeting mages.

The Shepherd and the Beast is about the universal truth that binds us; we are all the same, just on different parts of the same mythological journey.

Tramayne Monaghan went on a journey of heroic proportions, learning how to be a leader from the best and learning lessons from the trials of beasts. Being thrust into leadership positions at a young age, these are the real-life lessons learnt and the steps the reader can take to absorb them.

This is the story of a man trying to find meaning in leading others. This is a story of becoming a leader while discovering the shepherd and the beast …

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