The Brave Code by Musa Kalenga


Africa is rich with potential and renowned for its innovation. However, with the long shadow of the Berlin Conference of 1884 (also known as the Congo Conference) ever present, an exponential growth trajectory, using modern leadership and management practice, needs to be charted for Africa to catch up with the developed world.

Musa Kalenga – technologist, marketer, brand communicator, entrepreneur and Group CEO and shareholder of Brave Group – believes this is only possible using the springboard combination of creativity and technology.

The Brave Code explores Musa’s journey with Brave Group to pioneer a shared-value creative enterprise as a blueprint for other organisations in Africa.

Exploring tangible ways to benefit every member of its ecosystem, Brave Group upends traditional advertising models, challenges assumptions around equity, and pushes back at commonly-accepted but outdated client and agency practices.

Seeking to blaze a new trail and aiming to create a replicable model that has relevance beyond the advertising and marketing sector, Musa is spurred on by what Singularity University called ‘a massive transformative purpose’, and calls others to join him on the journey.

Weaving together anecdotal examples and personal musings with a working theory of change, The Brave Code is an encouragement to the young entrepreneurs, professionals and trailblazers in Africa to play a critical part in unlocking the immense value that the continent has to offer.