Pause By Thabo T-Bose Mokwele


When we learn from each other, that’s when we learn more about ourselves.

With a radio career spanning more than three decades, Thabo “T-Bose” Mokwele brings topics to the airwaves that challenge and invoke human introspection and dialogue with his audience. And through this he has learned a lot about life and its nuances. Pause is a collection of Thabo’s observations, reflections and learnings about what life is about. Simply put, this is the book he wishes he had read before starting his adult life journey.

Pause is a compilation of Thabo’s pearls of wisdom and lessons about life, God, money, relationships, parenting and, most importantly, self-mastery. His knowledge has been acquired by reading other philosophers’ views on life and love, from interviewing entrepreneurs and entertainers about self-sufficiency, and preachers and teachers about self-mastery. This, you may say, is his ‘bible’; to drive his life, and a lens through which he views his existence.

Thabo shares what he knows, what he practises and what still challenges him. It’s a book that everyone, from teens to adults, should read for a glimpse, and as a guide, to living a life that is meaningful.

We learn from our mistakes, but some mistakes are costly and should never be repeated. And if reading a short chapter on a particular topic can help mould a young person’s life, or assist an adult to self-correct, then Pause is a must-read.

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