1000 REASONS TO LOVE GOLF – Nick Herbert


For anyone who just plain loves golf, life and to laugh.

This book lists 1 000 golf specific moments that draw us to this addictive game. From the people to the special places, the courses to the funny experiences, each of them unique to this amazing sport.

Open it to any page and enjoy golfing moments. Some may trigger good memories, others will make you laugh out loud (#BeenThereDoneThat), and others will have you packing the car and going to play a round of golf.

Looking to join a four ball and finding a friend for life #GolfFriendsAreForLife
Just avoiding hitting a duck or other bird in mid-flight #OneBirdieIDoNotWant
A bucket of practice balls and your 7 iron #BestTherapyEver
Having to correct your buddy when he says ‘I got a 4’ #CanYouCountDude?
Jordan Spieth winning $22 million at 22 #LetsGoPractiseSon
No spandex! #GolfBeatsCyclingEveryDay
Holly Sonders #GolfBabes
Hitting your lowest handicap ever #TellingEveryone
Waking up excited for the coming round today #NoAlarmClockRequired
That old guy at the club who plays over 200 rounds every year #HelloFutureMe
When you forgot to remove your hat in the bar as a junior and had to pay for everyone’s drinks #DadNotImpressed
The 2016 banning of anchoring your putter #TimClarkCareerEnder
The sound of the ball going into the hole #Timeless
Walking up to the green and not seeing your ball on the green #CouldItBeIn?
Booking tee times online versus the old queue on Thursday 5pm when the time sheet was printed #BoozeNumbersDown
When you are practicing bunker shots and thin one straight at the guy practicing opposite you off the green #FORE
On the first tee and no one has a scorecard #200YardDashToTheProShop
Vijay Singh and the Deer Antler Spray story #BizarreButTrue
Ernie Els and his Autism charity efforts #Legend

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