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NICKY ROWBOTHAM is a founder, business leader and author of 7 Steps to Finding Flow and Embrace Your Elegant Power. She has built and supported many successful leaders, global teams and businesses in the corporate space over the last 17 years, with both experience internationally in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and locally in South Africa. As a Chartered Accountant (SA) with an MBA, Nicky is passionate about understanding what makes business leaders and people successful and developing holistic strategies for them to succeed and thrive. In support of a desire to have a greater impact and influence these strategies and their delivery across business functions, Nicky moved into leadership in the business enablement, technology and operations arena 13 years ago. 

Highly motivated and drawn to helping people succeed and live their best lives, Nicky founded Inspired Change ( to support a wider audience with tools and journals borne out of her own personal approach to create intentional focus to achieve their goals, unleash their potential and live their best lives grounded in balance and gratitude. 

Nicky is passionate about sharing and teaching others how to access a more easeful way to live, rooted in nervous system flow, thoughtful simplicity and elegant power.