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Alison Tucker, the author of My Best Worst Year – A Breast Cancer Story grew up in the Eastern Cape after spending her first three years of schooling in Namibia. With undergraduate majors in Business, Psychology and Mercantile Law from Rhodes University, she completed her master’s in commerce degree, focusing on innovation, something she has always been passionate about in the business world.

She moved to Durban in the mid-80s to pursue a career in marketing. She spent sixteen years in the corporate world with roles in brand marketing, insight and media, before making the switch to the world of consulting. She worked for a global consulting company for ten years, during which she had the privilege of working across many industries, continents and cultures. She continues to consult to clients after starting her own consulting company seven years ago. Her projects are varied, ranging from things like facilitation, innovation and strategy development to corporate and brand positioning, skills development and team alignment.

Alison lives in Durban with her partner of many years, Michael, and her much-adored cat, Kimba. Michael shares Alison’s love of travel, which makes for an interesting life, full of fun and adventure.